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About Subtv

Subtv is an interactive music video channel for students across the UK, reaching 1.2M 18-24s per week, throughout 80+ university sites across multiple screens. Featuring in-house curated playlists and specialist music industry takeovers, Subtv also offers an interactive playlisting app and control panel system for on-demand music programming, Subtv Playlister.

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How students get involved with Subtv

Control the Music

Our location-based app allows you to interact with your nearest university site screens and control the music

Curate Playlists

Join our Curator Collective – the chance to share your playlists, interview artists and build your music portfolio

Bring your stories to life

Get in touch with our in-house production team and get your stories made

Be part of our Curator Collective

Benefits of joining include:

  • Curate your own playlists for Subtv
  • Access festivals and music events
  • Interview bands and artists
  • Build your own music portfolio

Thanks also to our close links with the Student Radio Association (SRA) and BBC relationships, we have nurtured a contingent of up-and-coming curators of the future (the Tastemakers).

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Our in-house productions

Subtv has an in-house production agency and we utilize our creative network to showcase young talent and give under-represented voices a platform. 

Our mission is to provide opportunities to emerging talent by giving them the opportunity to work for major clients, influencers, brands and broadcasters to create original video content and help them on the path to career success. 

We continue to work on inspiring, relevant projects and are looking to expand our creative network - so if you have aspirations in film, music or television contact us to find out how you can work with us. 

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2018 Festival Coverage

This summer, we headed with our talented Curator Collective to some of the hottest festivals – Download, Citadel and Boardmasters – to interview their favourite bands and artists.

More of our work

We also offer a platform to young talent, extending beyond our immediate student audience.  Our work ranges from commissioning original shorts by student filmmakers through to emerging talent profile pieces. Scroll down to see some of our recent projects.

"The Composer"

Set alongside the backdrop of urban decay, a young cellist retraces a close friendship, only to spiral into the depths of mental instability. With his freedom threatened by losing the passion to play his cello, how can Ola reclaim himself from the path of desolation? 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


  • A total of 32 cast and crew
  • 98% of cast and crew were 18 – 25 year olds, including students
  • 18 participants were of either African, Afro-Caribbean and or Asian descent


Following the threat of closure to Fabric nightclub in 2016, Sub embarked on creating a portfolio of original content exploring the importance of nightlife culture and the forces threatening it. We engaged a number of young filmmakers to explore this topic and commission work, which highlighted this issue.


'Night Life' - Pxssy Palace!


  • This was a passion project for the team
  • Each video was directed and produced by an individual in the Subtv team

“Emily’s World of Theatre”

Emily Mannino-Jeatt is a student of Performing Arts at Chicken Shed Theatre. In this unique series of shorts, she indulges in her two great passions – theatre and journalism. The series includes interviews with stars of the West End stage and a glimpse behind the scenes with cast and crew.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


  • Written and hosted by Emily
  • Crew of 2
  • Directed and produced by our in-house team

“Creatives Under 13”

Here’s a sneak peek at an exclusive series we recently commissioned from student Giulia Gandini.

"Creatives Under 13" is a series of documentary shorts, showcasing children of various ages who dream of working in the film industry and are somehow already active in it. Film and theatre actors and actresses, dancers, YouTubers... All aged 13 or less, working hard to follow their dreams.

Ep #1 - Heather Clementson

Ep #2 - Scarlett Archer

Ep #3 - Isabella Billing

Ep #4 - Oliver Locke


  • Directed by award-winning Met Film School graduate Giulia Gandini
  • Production achieved on £300 plus Subtv team resource

Student Spotlights

We regularly create showcase pieces to shine a light on emerging talent and the work they are producing and most proud of. It’s great for their show reels and for increasing profile of their creative output.

'Based On A True Story'


Industry Insights

We also work with our professional network to give insights and inspiration to young filmmakers whilst they embark on learning about the trade and how to gain vital experience

Art Direction with Motley Props

Top Tips for Runners with 1st AD Terry Bamber



We are based in Victoria, London. Come and see us.

140 Buckingham Palace Rd
London, SW1W 9SA

Please contact us if you're interested in:

Playlisting: Rachel
Production: Tom
Marketing: Jezz
Ad Sales and Partnerships: Brook
New Business: Nick

If you're interested in having Subtv in your venue please contact Rebecca Wood